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The best ways to really care for your horse

Horses are fascinating and complex animals that require a lot of care and attention. Caring for your horse involves caring, feeding, training, bonding, and keeping you healthy. To ensure a comfortable riding experience and ensure the horse's comfort, consider your practice preferences and your body type.

A determining factor for the health and performance of his horse

The saddle is the link that unites horse and rider and for that, it needs to be adapted to both. Basic but relevant reflection: look at the horses around you, there are not two identical ... Lets look more closely ... do the riders have the same morphologies? No, some insolent ones have dream measurements with big legs and a wasp waist and others, well, are less spoiled by nature. The horses are just as different! Some are round like barrels and others as thin as trestles. Clearly I do not wear my father's pants and he definitely cannot put mine.

Maintain saddlery

To avoid any risk of injury or simply premature wear, it is important to take good care of your equipment. Boots, straps, rugs, saddles, bits ... All need a regular cleaning routine to last in time and not to risk to hurt your horse, and for that do not hesitate to contact equitack which is a site specialized in the sale of equestrian products. Maintaining saddlery equipment ensures the safety of equestrian practices by regularly checking the condition of the harnesses used. The quality of the leather, the buckle and the method of maintenance will affect its resistance to wear and time. The place of storage is also to be taken into account to maintain the quality of the harness. Saddlery must be stored in an airy and temperate room. It can be heated in winter if the room is very humid. We will avoid storing the leather in any case in a cellar.

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