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New or used saddles: which are better for beginners?

If you are a beginner in the field of horse riding and you want to buy a saddle of quality and able to answer all your needs, do not hesitate to opt for products which are very trendy and cheaper. If you're still wondering if you're going to choose between new or used saddles, why not decide right now and bow to used products? You will probably tell you that it would be a big loss. Here are some reasons that prove the opposite.


There are many advantages of stools that have already been used. Already, they have been designed with high quality materials and are also robust, strong and flexible. In addition, they adapt easily to the movements of the horse and the handling of the rider. They are also known to provide comfort, relaxation and relaxation despite the fact that the exercises can be rough or the rhythms get worse. And for those who are afraid of falling or other, used saddle will get you a perfect balance even during complicated turns. You will see that you, like your pet, will love this new riding equipment.

A legacy of the past

First of all, know that used saddles are goods left by professionals of the past. They may date from a few weeks, a few months or a few years ago; but by choosing this type of saddle, you inherit enormous wealth. If you are a beginner, you probably want to taste the experience and adventures in other enthusiasts like you. Also, by choosing a used saddle, you will enjoy the expertise of a former rider who wished to leave his equipment to help future generations. Those who need help, motivation, guidance; and these saddles are there to offer you the best sensations that can exist. You will be able to walk the kilometers with your horse in absolute comfort. You can also undertake high-level exercises without fear of falling or having back pain afterwards. Moreover, the price of saddles that have been used are cheaper compared to new saddles, why hesitate?

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