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A saddle offers a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the type of leather you can choose from in specialty stores. With the choice of colors and materials for each seat area, you always get an original piece exactly to your taste.

Find a good saddle of horse

The incorrectly placed saddle can cause horse behavior problems, but an uncomfortable rider. It is best to buy a saddle suitable to the type of discipline to be done, but especially to offer comfort to your horse. Examine your horse and assess his conformation and especially his upper line before choosing a saddle, then, when you try to ride, observe these four points to evaluate the saddle with you on the ground, then with you. This will help you find the right saddle for your horse. Although these instructions were written for the Western saddle, most of the points also apply to English saddles.

What is your saddle style?

The determination of the discipline influences the choice of saddles, but also the behavior of the rider following his intuitions when he is on his horse. For example, riders who enjoy riding on trails can do so on a versatile English chair. Or those who like to jump on fallen trunks so it is best to lean over a saddle with an English chair. In fact, saddles from are more durable and specially designed for you and the comfort of your horse.

Equitack controls her saddle

Equitack is a shop that holds the reins in the sale of saddles. It is effective because it trusts its controllers who are well qualified athletes in horse racing, and also experts in the art of leather, but especially the advice of veterinarians who are important. We also know that each horse back is different, and that's the reason why the shop offers a free trial of 14 days. In addition to this, equitack repairs stools that are worn and the leathers are well selected and are treated well in the hands of skilled craftsmen.

So, you have found the perfect place to buy your horse equipment as easily and with a good guarantee.

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