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Horse riding is a wonderful sport, but it calls for many equipment: between the rider outfits and the stuff for his horse, the bill will be quickly hefty. And what if we told you that there is a website where you will finally be able to find any kind of equipment at a price that defies all competition? As animals owners, we wanted to gather the best of supplies you need to give yourself over your passion, without sacrifice your budget. Welcome, have a nice visit !

Horse equipment

We perfectly know that horse riding is a very expensive passion: indeed, the only purchase of an appropriate saddle for your horse represents a huge cost, which many riders cannot affort. That is why we wanted to create a specialized website dedicated to equipment sales at discount prices: so you will be allowed to find stuff for your horse, from to bridles to protections, and grooming equipment as well. You will also find whatever you need to dress yourself: trousers, gloves, boots... Moreover, we give you many tips and tricks to choose and maintain at best your equipment, to enable you to keep it in a perfect condition as long as possible.

Pet supplies

Although we are specialized in horse riding, we also provide you a wide range of supplies for your pets: indeed we know that every pet owner is motivated by the wish to spoil his companion, but we also know that the pet supplies are often expensive, or even unaffordable. That is why you will find on our website all the equipment you need to take a good care of your pet: cat baskets, doghouse, harness for the rides, outdoors toys, but also dry food and biscuits as well. We thought of everything to guarantee the perfect wellness of your pet, and the one of your budget as well !

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